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 We're on the case. 
 Investigative Professionals 
 in California & Arizona

Your peace of mind at an affordable price_

Licensed & Insured 





[ AOE/COE-Workers' Comp]


Experts in AOE/COE cases. We ensure that ALL red flag indicators are identified and addressed during our investigations.

[ Workplace / HR ]


Experienced in handling the most sensitive of complaints involving protected classes and all types of allegations.

[ Subrogation ]


We can identify any potential 3rd party liability. 10+ years investigating cases involving machine/equipment defects.

[ Loss Prevention ]


Wicklander trained to ensure the best results from any interviews and/or interrogations.

[ Social Media ]


As of 2019, an estimated 247 million Americans use social media. What are your employees or significant others posting.

[ Background ]


Find out any of those skeletons someone mind be hiding in their closet.

[ Personal Injury ]


Extensive experience working with attorneys to gather all details needed to maximize any personal injury suit.

[ Fraud & Insurance ]


Certified Professional in Fraud Identification to ensure all aspects are identified & addressed.

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